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The Down Twisted Media Browser is set up to allow those interested in seeing and hearing more of our stuff to download it without burdening casual surfers with a slow-loading web page. If you have the QuickTime plug-in and a Java-sciptable browser (the latest Netscape Navigator or MS internet Explorer for example) you are all set. Oh! One more thing... You'll need a fast connection :-).

Da Boyz

With strong song writing and solid musicianship, Down Twisted will add some spice to your musical menu. We have played numerous gigs around Calgary!

Now to introduce the band

Randy Raob
Randy Dreager:
lead vocals, guitar
Rob Elliott:
lead guitar, vocals
Tony Lawrence
Tony Copping:
bass, vocals
Lawrence Hewett:
lead vocals, percussion
Bill This is "Bill" - our mascot. He was created using POV-Ray on a Power Mac.

Down Twisted Logo Here is a clip from "She Walks Away" - one of the songs on our cassette - "Live n' Lovin' it." This Cassette is for sale at the rock bottom price of just $5.00!
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Music & Images © Down Twisted

Some history on the band:

Here is a little gig history for 1998

Friday November 20th

Friday October 30th

Saturday March 21st

Saturday January 31st

Thursday January 22nd

And here is a little gig history for 1997

Monday December 29th

Saturday November 15th

Thursday November 6th

Thursday July 24th

Monday July 7th

Thursday June 19th

Mon. Apr. 28th

Fri. Apr. 11th - Sat. Apr. 12th

Fri. Apr. 4th - OMAC recording party

Fri.-Sat. Feb. 28th - March 1st

Sat. Feb. 8th - OMAC CD release party - **12 bands**

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Photography by Joanne Copping

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